boy oh boy.

i’m still riding the wave of surprise that we are having a boy! i could’ve sworn up and down that he was a she, but that’s not the case! he is definitely a he, the sonogram proves it. he’s about 6 inches long, which is so wild to me. on the sonogram screen he looks so big, so to think he’s barely the size the of my hand is amazing. he is very healthy and moving around a lot. i don’t think i’m quite feeling him a ton just yet, but i do feel little flutters here and there. 

adjusting to the thought of having a boy has been tough at times, i’ll be honest. i really wanted a girl, but i know that having a boy first will be so fun too. he will be the big brother to the rest of the babies we have which is a comforting thought. i always wanted an older brother and now my kids will have one. 

i can’t wait to see what he looks like. will he look like scott, will he have dark hair or light eyes? it’s so fun to think that in just a few short months he’ll make his debut and he’ll be mine! i can’t wait to snuggle and kiss him. 

my mom, sister and i raided baby gap and he is going to be one striped baby. my eye is so drawn to stripes it’s ridiculous. i got tons of cute long sleeve onesies which could be the cutest things ever. we got him a little sweater and a plaid collared shirt. some hats and some comfy pants. he’s going to be stylin. 

now, i am looking at nurseries and trying to plan out some color schemes. choosing colors is hard but i think i am on the right track. i a drawn to gray, navy, yellow and white. i love stripes like i said and geometrics. we’ll see though! i am pretty fickle so i imagine it’ll change before he gets here.

this is one of my favorite nurseries i’ve seen so far :


i especially love the crib and bedding and the rug! it’s such a cute little room.

now it’s time to thrift store shop and collect things one by one.

yay boys!


One thought on “boy oh boy.

  1. Dear dear Katie….I had to adjust to having a girl first. I completely understand your angst. Boys can be fun too-they are just a wee bit more of a challenge to our decorating skills! (and clothing demands)

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