cloth diapers it is!

it’s true. we are taking the plunge and cloth diapering baby boy and probably all of our future babies. at first i thought, what the hey this is crazy! but the more i read about it and the more friends who i’ve talked to who are doing it and love it, the more sure i am that this is the best decision. i didn’t even really have to convince scott, which is the biggest green light to me. i thought for sure he’d say H-no. there are so many benefits to cloth diapering and the biggest one being the amount of money we will save. friends who cloth diaper say they make their money back in just two months. also, it’s so much better for the environment and better for their little bums. scott and i are going with the bum genius brand. we chose this one mainly because i’ve seen a first hand tutorial. i was able to hold one and feel how soft and well made it is. plus friends rave at how great and easy they are. sold!  

i know i’ll have to get used to the routine of washing and drying but i’m ready for it! everyone says it becomes second nature and once you start doing it you never want to go back. so bum genius it is for my boy’s bum! 

my sweet mother in law bought him his first one as a “it’s a boy” gift which was awesome. it came to my house and i got so excited. it’s so dang cute and i can’t wait to snug it on his little butt. 


3 thoughts on “cloth diapers it is!

  1. you are so brave! 🙂 i’d be willing to try cloth diapers, but i don’t know that i could stomach it haha

    also, i had no idea how stinkin’ cute they made diapers!

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