to gear up for fall, i’ve made these delicious cookies about 5 times already.

luckily, i’ve been making them for several crowds so they don’t sit around in my kitchen for very long.

also, baby boy doesn’t really like sweets. i stood in front of the fridge and debated on getting an apple, carrots, or hummus. 

see? nothing sweet sounds that good to me at the moment. i went with 4 carrots. 

i’m sure that’ll change with time. now that i’m not sick all of the time i do like to eat. food actually has taste and i don’t mind searching the fridge anymore. 

at the beginning, all i could stomach was honey nut cheerios. 

hooray! now i can eat! 

i’m almost 19 weeks…where has the time gone?!? in a couple weeks we get another ultrasound, so we get to see him again.

i feel so lucky. i don’t think the frequency of my ultrasounds are normal, but with the ambiguous due date i had for so long the dr. ordered a couple more than normal. suh-weet.

do yourself a fall favor, and make those cookies. you won’t be sorry. 


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  1. Those look yummy! I wish I didn’t crave sweets when I am pregnant… or all the time when I’m not… 🙂 I love the fall too… And love all of those outfits you posted. Looks like I need to find some money! I love hearing about your little baby boy even before he is born, and I cant wait to see pictures of him!

  2. um, I made these. twice. and mine did not look like this. mine were really really lumpy? I also made a tweaked version with whole wheat flour and less sugar. yours look way better than mine do.

    • yeah i use whole wheat flour. that picture is not a picture of mine haha. that’s from the original recipe on joythebakers blog. i dont think i reduced the sugar, but i don’t know why they’d be lumpy? i used my kitchen aid and leave it mixing for a while, so that may be why. did they still taste good? that’s what is most important!

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