the uglies of pregnancy.

no one ever told me that i’d likely feel like i was growing a small beard when i got pregnant. 

yeah, your hair starts growing at a rapid rate, all over your body. not just your legs. it’s so attractive. there’s nothing better than getting bigger AND resembling that of an overweight mountain man. 

also, the worst thing i’ve experienced so far is not being able to sleep on my stomach. i am such a stomach sleeper and not being able to turn over and get in my little position is enough to make me throw my pillow. who likes sleeping on their back for 8 hours? not this girl. i wake up feeling like a corpse who hasn’t moved their limbs in 15 years. 

more? ok…well when i wake up my stomach is distended so much that it actually looks like i am pregnant because i have so much pee in my bladder. i guess it’s not enough to wake me up in the middle of the night yet so when i wake up i feel like someone is sitting on my stomach. i can’t waste much time before having to get rid of all that. 

other pregnant women should consider not posting their horror stories on the internet either. if you’re the 1 in 1,000,000 we don’t want to hear about it. it’s sad yes, but you’re scaring the shiii out of the rest of us. if i want to eat a turkey sandwich, i’d like to eat it in peace, thanks. 

so far, i still don’t really look that pregnant. but i swear, when i start looking pregnant if anyone says “wow you’re so big” or “you must be due really soon” i will, and i mean WILL, make you wish you hadn’t. (i’m so scary…not) 

lastly, i miss my morning cup o joe. i drink it sometimes, but what’s most sad is that i don’t even really want it. 

pregnancy is a crazy little thing. i wouldn’t trade it but dang. 

i should say too that i am feeling great, and don’t have any real complaints. i am just noting the annoyances that come with being pregs.


2 thoughts on “the uglies of pregnancy.

  1. Oh kt, let may first say: drink your coffee. you are fine to have a cup of coffee a day. i never limited my diet coke intake through my pregnancies. And I never limited my sandwiches and my hot dog intake either. Just warm up your deli meat if you are that concerned. I would say just be careful with the sushi and unpasteurized cheeses and drinks – like cider. Sleeping on your stomach? I sleep on my back every night so being pregnant is hard for me too cause later on you have to sleep on your side. Buy Sally Hansen microwaveable wax to take care of the little growth on your chin, grizzly adams. And lastly don’t look up anything online, it scared me to death too :). Most of all, just be excited about the little man that you will get to snuggle any time you want in just a few months! You will be fantastic!!!

  2. Katie Katie Katie…. I agree with Ms. Ashley. DO NOT READ INTERNET STORIES!
    Drink your coffee…I did. Just limit your intake. I think those stats are for people who keep a 12 cup pot going all day just for themselves. A cup of two will not hurt. Lunch meat won’t hurt either. (you know my story about the craving)
    Hair on your face? that’s the hormones talking. I know you hate waxing girl but get yourself a silver bullet and do it.
    Peeing, well, I hate to break it to you but someone is sitting on your bladder.
    Finally sleeping. I was/am a stomach sleeper. A nice body pillow helps-actually 2. I had to learn to sleep on my side but making myself a little nest with a couple body pillows helped. If you like I will get you the pregnancy pillow I saw, it is all those pillows in one and you can twist it around to fit your needs.
    You look FANTASTIC my little preggie girl! Enjoy it!

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