“God’s Word must inform not only our goals, but also our methods.”

This is in regards to parenting. It can be applied to so many things in life, but specifically parenting. Scott and I are reading a book called “Shepherding your child’s heart” by Tedd Trip. It is really revolutionizing the way we view discipline and so many other aspects of parenting. One of the biggest take aways from this book is that as humans we desire to control our environments and that includes controlling our children. We want them to be calm in public, respond with manners, etc but at home we aren’t listening and communicating with them, we don’t dialogue about what really is going in their hearts, and we use means of discipline to keep them quiet and control them.

“Where do unbiblical methods take us? They lead to superficial parenting, rather than shepherding the heart of your child. They only address behavior. Hence, they miss the point of biblical discipline.”

So true. Instead of masking the issue with a spanking or a time out, engaging your childs heart gives you the opportunity to relate on a level with your child where they can see that you care about their heart, not just getting them to “obey” your rules.

Yes, we must require good behavior. God is our authority, and we are our children’s authority. We are accountable to the Lord for raising our children in the way he desires so we must require obedience just as he requires it from us. But, they must know that it comes from a place of grace and pointing out that we too are sinners. We all need the same grace and forgiveness, but we as parents, are responsible for their upbringing.

I’m only half way through the book, but so far I’ve been really challenged and convicted. I want to be this kind of parent. Not one that shoos their kid away because he/she is bothering me and I just want to end the problem, but I want to know their heart and engage with them. Balance is so necessary.

I would encourage you to read it if you’re a parent, or if you want kids. Never too early to start!

On another note, Scott and I have been eating our meals on the back porch these days. The weather has taken a turn for the better and I couldn’t be happier. I love a cool, crisp evening. I love the month of October too. The fall season is upon us and it makes me so happy!

Next week we get to see the little man again. I love getting to see him! I definitely feel more connected to him when I can watch him move around on the screen. I think I am feeling him a little more, but seeing him with my eyes gives me a ton of comfort. I cant’ wait until the day Scott can feel him move too. That does not however, give other people permission to touch my stomach. Why do people do that? I’ve heard of perfect strangers touching women’s stomachs in public places. No thank you. 

Tomorrow I’ll be 20 weeks. Halfway mark. It’s hard to believe how fast time goes by. I know come December/January I’ll be feeling really impatient, but so far I feel like time has been going by pretty quickly. I can’t wait to hold him and see him in a little onesie. 



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