it just hit me.

i know that “babies change everything.” but just yesterday i think it really hit me that these are mine and scott’s last months as just us. i teared up a little bit thinking about that. we have a lot of fun together and to think that from february on until who knows when, we’ll be focusing most of our time and attention on this little guy. i love that he’s coming and that i get to be a mom, i’m really grateful for that. it’s just crazy to think how different things will be. it will be so important for us to have date nights, spend time actually communicating, going away for a few days, whatever. that’s why most parenting advice starts with keeping your marriage first priority. i can see how it could easily take a back seat and that’s the last thing i want. 

also, i’m really exhausted and hormonal obviously so crying at the drop of a hat isn’t really out of character at this point. thankfully we have still some time to do “us” things and i know we are going to love being parents. it’ll be an adjustment but one i think we’ll be fine at 🙂

…on another note..

we get to see the little guy on thursday again. my pregnancy email said he’s as long as a carrot. i believe it. i’m starting to actually feel little kicks now. i wouldn’t say i look very pregnant though. fine by me. i know i’ll feel like a beached whale eventually so until then i’ll keep buttoning my normal pants proudly. 

also, i am experiencing such exhaustion it’s ridiculous. i can hardly keep my eyes open come 6 o’clock and an hour after i wake up i want to go back to sleep for at least 3 or 4 hours. i feel lethargic all the time and i am constantly forcing myself to do the simplest things, like sweep. (i guess i do that non pregnant too)

also, i am loving a good cheeseburger these days. 5 guys has made my dreams come true a couple times in the last few weeks and it just satisfies me so well. i need to back off the bad food though. i can see myself getting lazy with making dinner or whatever and just picking whatever first comes to mind which usually is pizza. i do not desire to gain a bunch of weight. at this rate…yikes.



2 thoughts on “it just hit me.

  1. Thanks for writing this blog Katie. It is a great way for me to keep up with your pregnancy & how you are feeling. Yes, indeed, you will never be alone again! and date nights are important though I must admit our went by the wayside for awhile. A date night “in” is good if you can stay awake! Can’t wait to see the latest sonogram & get a real due date. We must make plans for a baby shower!

  2. I agree. Date nights in are fun. Red box, ice cream and order take out. Good times. We do a lot of that because babysitter are too flippin expensive. Since when do teenagers think they deserve $10 an hour to listen to my kid sleep? No thanks. You will hear it a million times, but sleep when you can now. Who cares if you feel lazy, just sleep. And Five Guys has made my dreams come true too and I’m not even prego, just a foodie 🙂

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