all is well.

baby boy is healthy and having a ball in my stomach! he was somersaulting and kicking and squirming a ton. the nurse said that is not necessarily what he’ll behave like outside of the womb, thank goodness. i told her he was most active at night and i had hoped that didn’t mean he’d be most active at night after he was born and she reassured me that was not the case usually. i’m just being still and can actually feel him move more because i’m not moving. novel idea..

he is growing right on track as he should and i’m 20 weeks along. my due date is still February 26th so I think we can actually stick with that one and call it a day. it’s been so ambiguous this whole time it’s nice to have a solid date to go on. 

we’re super grateful he’s healthy and growing like he should. we spent a good half an hour getting to see him on the screen and she took all of his measurements and showed us everything she thought would interest us, including the four chambers of his heart, his toes and fingers and his face which looks like a freaky alien if i can say that. 

right now he’s only roughly 7 inches long and weighs just 13 ounces. how strange. on screen he appears to be large and fully grown, but it’s amazing that we can see all of that even though he’s so tiny.

i’m also right on track for growth. the nurse said i’m likely hitting a surge of growth at this point which is why i’ve gained more weight this month. she said i’m right on track though, since i’ve gained about 10lbs in 20 weeks. she said 25-35 lbs of weight gain is ideal, so i’d like to not exceed that for suuuure. 

all is well in the baby growing world here. he’s healthy and active, i’m tired and achy. ha! 

20 week stats:

baby: 7in long, 13 ounces

baby heart rate: 130

still a boy

happy, active and growing!


One thought on “all is well.

  1. Thanks for the update Katie! Can’t wait to see that baby bump in person. Both my babies moved more at night. Nurse said the same thing to me & all was fine.-Scott hated the copy machine at my work though-he always kicked when I was using it!
    oh-and yes, they do kinda look like aliens-or little tadpoles. Such a miracle that God has done though!

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