some favorites so far.

everyone knows that buying for a baby might be the most satisfying and fun thing ever. so far, i can’t keep my eyes from the baby section when we go through target, gap, really any store that could have a baby section. we’ve picked up a few things along the way for baby boy after we knew he was a he! these are a few of my favorites that family have actually bought him.


a little striped shirt from gymboree, a v-neck little onesie from gap and some soft brown little booties.

kid is gonna be stylin. 

we’ve started working more on our baby registry. this is not for the faint of heart, my friends. i think we should start consolidating brands and styles and colors, etc and make it easier on the mom to be these days. you walk into babies r us with no real direction, it can be pretty overwhelming. besides, if this is your first, chances are you don’t really know what you’re doing. hooray. 

luckily, i’ve had friends tell me things i need and don’t need based on experience which has been super helpful. if you would like to add onto that list of do’s and don’ts…i’m all ears. please, advise away. 

we have our first baby shower next month which is really exciting. we realized with thanksgiving and christmas around the corner (holy heck), we need to balance out the showers so as to not bump into the holiday stuff. so one before thanksgiving and then one at the end of january! 

i definitely feel more pregnant these days. the midwife at my last dr. appt said that i’m probably experiencing a surge. first thing i thought was “wait, the sugar loaded soda i used to drink in middle school? no, oh ok.” second thought i had was, “let’s not surge again anytime soon, k?”

i saw a new baby at our coffee shop this afternoon and it made me so excited to hold mine soon. i can’t believe i get my very own real live baby, and he’s all mine. ha! 


here’s my 21 week bump.

sorry for the poor quality of photos, i photo is being funky today. besides i could’ve turned a light on, oh schwell.


One thought on “some favorites so far.

  1. …LOVE those booties!y and what a cute little baby bump! I think even those who are buying for baby boy are overwhelmed with the possibilities. Oh what to buy, what to buy.
    So glad there are registries these days! So click away my dear. Register to your heart’s content. There are baby boy fans waiting!

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