maybe you knew this already, but when you’re pregs your dreams are crazzzzay. mine are getting more vivid and dramatic. i usually wake up angry at scott for cheating on me or taking my baby away moments after giving birth. OOOOr, when i had an ultrasound, my baby was just gone for a walk?!? what the heck? not, oh you had a miscarriage i’m so sorry…no…more like he probably went for a walk or something, he’ll be back soon. so strange. 

dreams are a strange thing. i saw his face in my dream last night. also, he was a fat baby. dream come true if you know me at all. scott took him out to the waiting room right after the nurses cleaned him and was gone for hours. i was angry! i want my baby! 

so far, i’m glad that none of my dreams are real life. 


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