i love weekends, don’t you? time is really going by so quickly, but i love when friday rolls around. sleeping in, playing all day, cleaning the house, making yummy dinners, all kinds of fun things! it’s cooling off nicely here in tallahassee, so we have been spending a lot of time outside, taking maggie to the park to let her run her energy off and taking long walks. we’ve made a couple of soups already and are retiring our shorts for good i think. 

i love this time of year. i say it every time october comes, but it’s true. nothing makes me happier than cold weather, holiday celebrating, and spending time with family and friends! 

yesterday baby gap had an extra 50% their sale section (why why why!?!) and we picked out some cute things for baby boy. i can’t resist. poor kid is going to be dressed in all stripes until he’s six months old. i can’t help it! who doesn’t love a huge belly with stripes running across it? he’s going to be a stylish baby! 

one of the things about pregnancy i didn’t expect was how emotional i would be. i can cry at the drop of a hat and everything is more dramatic than it really is. everyone knows those awful animal shelter  commercials with sarah maclachlan singing in the background and the poor animals look pitiful, right? well, one of those came on and i just lost it. usually i can’t stand to watch them anyway, and i’ll change the channel but it got me before i had a chance to change it this time. i’m super clingy to scott too. like i don’t want him to leave and when he does i’m pretty lonely for a while…i’m aware i sound a little crazzzzy. don’t worry, i’ve never NOT let him leave haha. anyway, all to say, my emotions are at an all time high and i’m not always sure what to do with them. i’m sure once he comes, i’m going to be a walking puddle. between being exhausted and hungry all the time, plus not knowing what i’m doing i’ll be a friggin mess. come on february!

i hope ya’ll had a fun relaxing weekend. enjoy the week!


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