fall has arrived at casa de skatie! 

we’re really festive and bought our pumpkins at wal-mart. i’m kind of ashamed to say we didn’t get ours from the “patch.”

oh well, $4 wins. 

scott actually saw the left over beans in our cabinets and voila, candle holders made new! 

our mulled spices candle is burning, our doors are wide open and it’s crisp and smells clean in our house.

we’ve also been purging closets and dressers in our house. holy geez do we have a lot of stuff. 

i guess you could say i’m nesting early, but knowing our closets were in such terrible condition and knowing how many clothes we 

have that need to be goodwilled was killing me. we still have to go through our bedroom closet and my dresser, but at least the majority

of our house is cleaned out. we probably have about 5 bags of stuff so far and i’m sure more will be added by the time we finish.

the dresser is all empty so baby’s clothes can take it over! 

happy fall everyone!




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