23 weeks.

well, i’m well over the halfway point now.

23 weeks and going strong. i’m definitely feeling good these days. i have a good bit of energy, i’m making meals every night,

walking the neighborhood a lot, and just in general feeling thankful and happy.

i don’t feel like i’ve done a great job documenting my growth in pictures, so maybe i should get better at that 🙂

i took this picture a couple of days ago. i’m not wearing all black even though that’s what it looks like haha, just dark jeans!

Asher is kicking a ton these days. it’s definitely the most reassuring feeling. i love knowing he’s healthy and active in there and i know

just how to make him move.  right now, he weighs probably right at a pound. so strange huh? 

i’ll be interested to see how big he is when he’s full term. i was 9lbs 7 oz, my sister was 10 lbs 6 oz and i have cousins that were bigger

than us. i think hoping for a smaller baby is wishful thinking! that’s ok, i like a good round belly with some rolls 🙂

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