i have been trying to read books on parenting for my development time on wednesdays for work and i’ve really enjoyed them so far. they’ve challenged the way i view discipline and “teaching” my kids and i know it’ll be a challenge to parent biblically, but i also know that the benefits will be invaluable. i’m only a couple of chapters into this one, but the last one i read was really great. i think i highlighted the whole book! i’ll probably go back through and re-read it and somehow pull out the most important points that i’ll need to be reminded of. scott is reading them too and we have lots of “what did you think of that?” “gosh, that’ll be hard” or “heck, it’ll be a miracle if we can do this.” good thing we have Jesus. 

scott and i were walking maggie this morning and i said “we have 15 weeks left, just the two of us.” then i teared up and changed the subject, real quick. i cry at the drop of a hat these days (literally, i feel so out of control at times) so talking about anything sensitive is going to send me into a tizzy.  i’m obviously very excited we are having a baby, but it’s hard to believe it’ll never just be and scott anymore. ok subject change, can’t do it.

also, i am feeling kicking, punching, rolling, whatever  like crazy! there’s no mistaking that feeling and it’s so fun. he especially goes crazy when i hunch over and squish him. i guess i wouldn’t want to be squished either. 

tomorrow is our OB appointment, so i’m sure we’ll get to hear his little heart beat. i can’t wait to hop on that scale too. ha, nope.

this weekend is my first shower! i’m excited to see family and get to celebrate this little boy of ours. he is definitely already very loved and spoiled! 

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