our first baby shower has come and and gone and it was great! scott’s family threw a great party and Asher got spoiled by lots of fun things! it’s amazing to think that babies “need” all these things. i guess the need part is debatable, but in any case, babies are a multi million dollar industry these days. i got more cloth diapers, lots of bath stuff, his jumpy seat thing, crib and mattress!, diaper bag, and lots and lots more! it’s hard to believe he’ll be here in 15 weeks. that is NOT a long time at all. time is already flying by so quickly now, and with the holidays thrown in there, i know time is just going to speed up. i definitely want to take advantage of the time i have now to take naps, go run errands and do so quickly, lay around, cook in peace, shower in peace, etc. i know all of those things are going to be luxuries once he gets here. 

i’m 25 weeks this thursday, and definitely feel like i’ve sprouted in the last few days. even scott said yesterday “hey, look you’re pregnant.” um yes, thank you. he’s just really seeing the change now. it’s been so slow to start showing, but now i don’t think there’s any hiding it. he’s kicking a ton, even enough to sometimes wake up me in the middle of the night and i can feel his little body now moving around. pregnancy is a crazy fun thing to experience. after thanksgiving i have to take my glucose test to make sure i don’t have gestational diabetes. i’m anticipating that the worst part will be waiting around in the finest of Tallahassee, Quest Diagnostics. 

i’m super excited to go home for Thanksgiving! It’ll be such a nice break to be with family and then back to campus for a couple weeks and then Christmas! Life…it just flies by. 



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