here are some of the goods we got at our first baby shower. i haven’t had time to do anything with the bedroom that we’re going to use as the nursery, so for now everything is piled in and looking a little disorganized. oh well, that’s what Christmas break is for right? right. great. 

the car seat was a huge deal find on craigslist last weekend. i was in jacksonville and happened to search for the peg perego model we needed to fit our stroller and someone was selling an almost new one with two bases for $85! such a steal. i left feeling like i robbed the family blind, but they seemed to let it go with ease, so i threw the money at them and left. score. one base alone cost $80 so to get the carseat and another base for 5 bucks more felt like i had won the lottery. craigslist has been my bff during this pregnancy. 

this week marks my 27th week of pregnancy. how have that many weeks already come and gone since i saw those two lines on the test? well i guess technically like 18 of those have passed, but still! time has surely flown by and i’m super excited we only have to wait 13 more weeks to meet this baby. he is making himself very known these days with a lot of moving and kicking and it never gets old. i can’t wait to see his little face and snuggle him all day. people are asking me how i am feeling these days…i usually say good! which is true. apart from my 16 weeks of vomiting non stop, i feel pretty lucky that i’ve had a smooth pregnancy. most people say i don’t even look like i have a bump (i thought by now i’d look like beached whale) and i am enjoying that. i don’t mind that i don’t look super pregnant. i know i’m pregnant, i don’t need to look it to prove it. i’m enjoying wearing my normal shirts and pants and dressing to show off what little bump i do have! i am pretty tired lately. i have weeks of energy and then weeks of complete exhaustion. it’s no problem for me to take two naps during the day and climb in bed at 9. this week i also took my glucose test. i don’t know what all the hoopla over this stuff is about. that drink was a piece of a cake. everyone hyped it up to be this awful drink that made them want to throw up. i thought it tasted like really sweet gatorade. i chugged it and went on my merry way. maybe i’m the odd ball. hopes i don’t have the diabetes! 

i’m just ready to meet this little guy. 13ish more weeks to go! can’t believe it. 

tomorrow, i’ll show off our christmas decor! 


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