my apologies for the horrific photo quality of these pictures. i can’t even pretend that i tried to put more effort into them because i just didn’t. why is it hard to just take pictures of yourself? i can’t seem to remember to do it every week. 

anyway, here’s what 29 weeks on me looks like. i can’t believe i’m actually at 29 weeks. i’m into the third trimester and i’m 11 weeks from my due date. holy frick. my organic milk will probably last past that…

11 weeks is not long people. christmas and new years and christmas conference and preparing the room and all of that is going to make these next couple of months fly by. already time has seemed to speed up so i know that before i even realize it we’ll be making our way to the hospital and waiting on him to make his little debut. 

a lot of people ask me if i’m nervous. usually i say no, because at this point i’m still just growing and he’s snuggled up inside and i am not in labor, obviously. i’m sure that once february hits and the very real realization that one way or another he’s coming out will hit me like a ton of bricks and i’ll start to get the nervous shakes. most of the time though, knowing that we get a little baby at the end of all of this makes things seem not so scary. 

overall, besides sheer exhaustion i feel really good. no real pain to report or super bad discomfort just tired and not a ton of energy! 

most of all, just waiting!


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