life {lately} according to instagram

a friendly (kind of) game of scrabble.

enjoying Elf and s’mores with friends.

a frightening sentence from a book i’m reading.

my favorite person in the world.

graham cracker. chocolate. marshmallow. is there a greater  combination?

training baby to love all things christmas. 30 weeks and counting! 

10 weeks and counting until baby A could be here.

right now i’m watching him slowly move around and it’s incredible to think in just 10 shorts weeks, i’ll be holding him in my arms.

we’ve had a great december so far. we just got back from staff planning in destin and now we’re resting and gearing up for christmas.

today, scott decided to flip over the handle bars of his bike. 

he calls me and starts the conversation by saying “now, don’t be alarmed…” insert FEAR.

he was in some pretty serious pain since he landed on his right shoulder.

i took him to patients first less than a mile from our house and it was surprisingly easy and the Dr. was great.

he separated an AC joint and it could require some orthoscopic surgery? we’ll find out more tomorrow. 

whew, boys are crazy. adding another is going to be great, right? 

as cheesy as it sounds, i’m just thankful he wasn’t rushed into emergency surgery from busting open his skull or something more serious. it could’ve been bad but i’m glad it was only a shoulder injury. even though he looks pretty pathetic in his sling.

i’m looking forward to the rest of this month. i’ve been bumped up to going to the dr. every 2 weeks, so we go back next week and then home for christmas!

it’ll be nice to be with family for a good long visit and then we’ll be in atlanta for the passion conference!

THEN, we wait for this baby to come by setting up his little room and having a couple more showers and tying up loosing ends.

all the while, enjoying the little time we have left, just us. 


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