you know you’re in your 3rd trimester when…

your hips ache after you walk to the kitchen and back to the living room. that was 10 seconds. ouch.

sleeping on only one side all night gets you the best nights sleep.

you can’t eat all of your meal because everything is already so shoved up that you feel full after 6 bites. 

you pee a little when you sneeze. bladder control is basically null and void at this point. you’re tired ALL THE TIME. by 10am i’m ready for a nap.

bending over is now an obstacle. can i do it? is it worth it? can i get back up? probs not.

you feel a little like dolly parton and wonder if anyone else thinks the same.

yep. 3rd trimester is fun. i have 9ish weeks left! i guess depending on when he decides to grace us with his itty bitty presence. we are signing up for birthing classes this week, so we’ll get a full tour of where he’ll be born and get all the good breathing techniques down.i know i say this in almost every post, but i can’t believe how fast time is going. makes me nervous and excited all at the same time! 

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