here’s a snippet of our maternity shoot that we took a couple of weeks ago!

i loved how they turned out. at first i was a little leery of taking them, because a lot of times they come out looking suuuuper cheesy and lame, but this girl knew what she was doing and i love them. i’m thankful that i’ll always have them for sure.

here’s some pictures of my last baby shower at home in jacksonville. my sister, sarah, did an incredible job of making the shower very “me.” she put SO much work into every detail down to the 60th, yes 60th, pom pom that was hung to the stripey straws in the mason jars that everyone was given when they came in. every single detail was perfect and i felt so loved and blessed by it.

I have 18 days left until my due date. how did that happen? i feel like i just found out that i was even carrying this little guy. time has gone by so quickly, and now we’re just in the waiting period. we’ve got everything we need to sustain him when he’s home, he just needs to make his debut. so far i’m 1 1/2 cm dilated which my midwife said is great progress but could be mean something or could mean nothing. so i have no expectations. if he comes earlier or on time, great. if he comes late, great. 

everyone keeps telling me to enjoy the sleep when i can, but i wonder if they’ve ever been pregnant? sleep in the last few weeks is basically choppy naps interrupted by several sudden urges to pee or your baby kicking you telling you it’s time to switch sides. it’s nothing glorious. i’m quite ready to turn over onto my stomach which i think will give me a much better nights sleep, even with a baby. 

i definitely am trying to enjoy these last couple of weeks. going to target with no one in tow, getting a pregnancy massage tomorrow! (thank you thank you to scott) and spending as much time with scott as i can while it’s just the two of us. i know that things are about to be turned upside down and that includes the dynamic of our marriage. i know a baby brings more joy and more excitement, but i do love just us too. either way, we’re ready to meet Asher. i can’t wait to see his face for the first time. 


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