here i sit at 3 cm dilated and just waiting for Asher to say it’s time to go. the waiting game is not easy, especially when you’re pretty unfamiliar with what really means “go time.” people say “you’ll know when you’re in labor.” i hope so. so far, i feel a lot of different things and there’s no baby yet. 

the car seat is installed, the bags are packed and his room is all ready. come on baby! 


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  1. I do remember feeling like you do right now…just enjoy the last few days of just you and
    Scott bc little Asher will be here soon and you WILL know when it is more than just “growing pains” – you have done everything right – you and Scott are prepared so your job is to just “gestate” – my doctor told me that a few times “every other thing that needs to be done can be done by others – but only YOU can gestate” LOL – rest, pamper yourself and just know you are loved beyond measure and so so many people are praying for a safe, “easy” delivery and healthy mommy&baby. So excited for you & Scott – and all of us that love you and are over the moon with joy waiting to meet Asher! Hang in there mommy – sending you all our love and prayers! The Faulkners xxoo

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