I’ve read so m…

I’ve read so many people’s “birth stories” and thought to myself “surely, mine won’t be like that.” Or, “it can’t hurt that bad.” Until I lived my own birth story. 

Giving birth to Asher was the most incredible, humbling, painful and satisfying thing I’ve ever done. You are challenged emotionally, spiritually and physically in ways you could never imagine and the reward is invaluable. A tiny, soft and warm person that is a perfect mixture of you and your husband. 

Monday,  March 5th I was scheduled to be induced by getting my water broken by my midwife. The wednesday prior I was checked and had progressed to 5 cm, just not having any real contractions. My midwife did say that labor could be faster since I was so far along, but not to get my hopes up. Little did I know how fast he would come. Monday morning we got to the hospital at 6:30 and checked in. The room was ready for us, and we walked right in. Our families had come up from Jacksonville and were in the waiting room to wait for Asher to come. I was nervous, shaking and so unsure of what was about to happen but so excited that I was finally at this point. I was about to see the face I had been imagining.

I should say too that the Lord had his hand in every single detail of this day. From the nurses that took care of me, to the wisdom of the Doctors, to a friend of mine ( a labor and delivery nurse) who could be there to help coach me, every single detail was taken care of by him. He was so good to allow my labor to happen exactly as it did and I am so grateful that he knew what I needed, who I needed and how fast I needed it!

At 8:30 my midwife came in and broke my water. Pretty simple, pain free and quick. She told me after a few minutes of monitoring that I could walk around the labor and delivery floor (it’s a quick lap) and see if I can get some contractions going. So Scott and I started walking and within about 30 minutes I started having contractions. People say that you’ll know when you’re having a contraction, and I knew these were it. I hadn’t had these before and pretty quickly they came on strong, fast and super uncomfortable. 30 minutes later I was back in my room getting monitored again and I was white knuckle grabbing the end of the bed in pain. Scott was coaching me to breath, and at this point I was having a hard time breathing in. I decided to try getting in the tub to see if the hot water would give me any relief and it did for a hot second. Like I said, my contractions were on top of each other now. No breaks and getting faster, stronger and more painful each time. After being in the tub for a few minutes I had the urge to just push. It was the only thing giving me any sort of relief (which was minimal) and so that’s what I did. I didn’t really tell anyone I was doing that, and did it for a few more contractions. Again, they’re getting worse and more painful. I’ve never experienced any pain like this and I looked at Scott with tears in my eyes and said I can’t do this for several more hours, I need the epidural. He said Ok, grabbed a nurse and she went and got some IV drugs and the anesthesiologist. Scott told me I needed to try to get out of the tub so I could get in bed and in between a contraction I started getting out but had to sit on the toilet in between because another contraction had come on. Once again, I started pushing because that was all I could do to maintain the pain. I told Scott that I felt like he was far down and that I could feel something low on my pelvis. He got a nurse, she came in and checked me right on the toilet. Nice huh? Literally all modesty is GONE when you’re in labor. You could care less who sees you naked, who touches what, who’s in the room. Nothing matters. 

The nurse checked me and said “umm, that is your baby’s head” and ran out of the bathroom, told me to get in bed as fast I as I could, and all of the sudden it was like my room turned into a nascar pit stop. I kid you not I felt like I was in a scene of a movie. 8-10 nurses flooded my room, tables were being moved, someone grabbed my right leg, oxygen mask on, gloves and packages were being opened, intercom was going off telling whatever Doctor that was on the floor to get in my room asap. The Doctor who partially delivered him is a blur, had no clue who he was. My widwife made it in the nic of time and 3 pushes later, out he came! 

Asher came out warm, crying and a whopping 9 lb 5 oz. In all of his perfection. I held him right away and got to cuddle with him as they cleaned him off, and Scott cut his chord. I couldn’t believe that this person I had been dreaming about, carrying and growing inside of me was out in the world and laying on my chest. His cry, his little quivering lips and his big blue eyes are what I’ll most remember. My body literally went into shock and I started shaking so they brought me a warm blanket and monitored me to make sure I was ok. 

I think I shocked most of the nurses and doctors at that point with one of their faster deliveries and with pushing out a 9lb baby. Everyone was pretty impressed! Can’t lie, I was too. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to do it naturally, and had I had many hours of labor left, I couldn’t have, but since I was in transition and at the end, the pain was so strong but I’d do it again! I felt great afterward and my recovery was pretty quick. 

So, my birth story is my birth story and it was perfect for me. Like I said, God’s hand was in every detail and it was just as I would’ve wanted it. 

We are so in love with Asher. He’s a great baby and has brought us so much joy already. I love being a Mom, even though it’s tiring, I’ve cried a lot, I’ve been frustrated with the unknowns, and I miss my sleep I wouldn’t trade it! 

Asher Scott 


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