1 month.

my baby boy is already one month old. it’s true when they say that they grow so quickly. for so long they are inside of you and you want to meet them and see their face, but when they enter the world life sort of becomes a blur, time kind of molds together and days and weeks become 1 long day. at least for me. the lack of sleep and amount of change you experience are a force to be reckoned with. for me, i need sleep in order to feel emotionally stable, physically able to conquer my day and even spiritually filled. survival becomes the mode for both you and your husband. you sleep, feed, maybe get out of the house if you can manage, shower so you don’t feel like death run over and then kiss and snuggle this little person you love so much. life is different. i wouldn’t change it, but oh is it different.

so to recap, in the last month we had a baby, we had lots of family come visit, we went to jacksonville for 6 days and then found out we have to move out of our little house. all of these things had their ups and downs for sure and i am not even sure i’ve processed all of it yet. my hormones have me all out of whack and i find myself on the longest topsy turvy emotional roller coaster ever.

but boy do i love asher. he is such a sweet little (ish) baby. i find myself memorizing all of his features, his grunts and moans, the hair pattern on his little head, his smile. i want to remember everything. i am so in love with him, he is perfect for us and i can’t imagine him not being here. 

here’s to month 2!



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