we can’t believe asher is already 4 months old! it’s beens so much fun to see how he’s developed, the different things he is discovering and how much he loves to move and go go go.

he went to his four month check up today and he weighs a whopping 18 lb 4 oz! how did we make such a huge child? 

he’s standing, rolling over (yep, back to front), laughing, trying to crawl. ridiculous. things are happening too quickly! i want him to slow down but it’s also fun to see all the new things he’s learning. i love it.

he’s such a happy, content great baby. we are super lucky. his personality is really go with the flow and that’s great considering we leave town a lot and the fall will be a full schedule. 

i can’t believe he went from


this! what a little man!


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