happy monday! (right? maybe not) weekends always come and go a little too quickly for my taste. i’m sure everyone else agrees with me. we got crazy spontaneous this weekend and took a trip to flagler beach to celebrate our friends baby girl’s 1st birthday. she was a cutie and did the full on cup cake icing smash in the face bit. it also included some relax time at the beach which was nice since my pasty self hasn’t been in the sun in oh about 11 months. beaches and babies do not mix a whole lot. i’m sure once he can wear sun screen, play a little more and even walk it’ll be different but for now, we just sat in the breeze and baby passed out and napped. oh, the life of a 4 month old.

the best part of being in a new crowd is the introduction of asher. we get to show him off, brag on his cuteness and then explain why he’s 4 months old and not 8 like everyone assumes he is. without fail every single time we tell someone he’s only 4 months old, eyes buldge, mouth drops, and a resounding “wow, he’s a big boy” or “wow, he’s huge” or my favorite one “wow, he’s a bruiser!” yes, he’s well endowed. he’s packin on the lb’s quite nicely and i’m pretty fond of it. i always said i wanted a nice plump baby, and i got my wish. he’s a healthy 18 pounds and solid as a rock and i love it. sometimes i’ll look over and scott will just be staring at him. i’ll ask him what he’s doing and he responds with “he feels like pizza dough, i just wanna squeeze him.” to which i respond, “please don’t.” the whole fear factor game dad’s like to play with their kids freaks me out. like tossing them up 77 feet in the air or pretend dropping them but actually dropping them are all fun and games until baby doesn’t come back up. 

anyway, it was nice to get away. nice to relax and enjoy the sun, friends and family time. i can’t wait until we start taking more family trips. scott and i are going to start a list of places we want asher (and future kiddos) to see. a lot of them are in europe,(that sounds pretentious, it’s really not) but we have some stateside places we’d like to see too! 

love this little face


we changed his stroller from the bassinet attachment to the seat! he loved it! 

my favorite onesie 🙂

young love. baby audrey and asher not really knowing each other exists yet. 

passed out at the beach

so far summer is treating us well! we’re really enjoying lots of family time, traveling, watching asher learn new things and keeping up with all the other things in life. we’re lucky 🙂


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