tomorrow is my sister Sarah’s 23rd birthday. i’ll be here in tallahassee and she will be celebrating in jacksonville with friends and family. while birthdays do get a little mundane the older you get, i think celebrating other people is way fun. i’m sad that i can’t be there to celebrate her but i hope what i sent her will give her extra birthday love. we are three years and three months apart and are as much alike as we are different. she’s spontaneous, hard working, kind, generous, a great friend and super funny. her laugh is contagious! her work ethic is incredible too. she works really hard for everything that she has. back in may, she and her husband were robbed and everything was taken from them. after a few big tears, she brushed herself off and moved on. she’s resilient like that. watching her grow up and become this really great lovable person has been a joy. i love her a lot and wish her the very best birthday! since i couldn’t be home with her on her bday, i decided to send her a birthday in a box! (i got this idea from you are my fave) i rounded up a few of her favorite things and a few random fun things i found, and sent it away today! i hope she enjoys all of the fun things inside and has a perfect day. cheers to you, sister!


inside the box:

felt apple clips to use in her classroom

mini chalkboard clips

happy birthday stamp



cupcake liners

fun tape

floral ribbon




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