embracing the camera.

i’m embracing the camera here.

i love this idea. if you haven’t checked out her blog you should totally go read it! she’s super honest about life with six kids, adoption, marriage and just doing the fun and not so fun things of life. i really enjoy vulnerability in blogs. i like to see the ugly and messy and not always the pretty and the perfect. i like to know that other mom’s get behind on laundry and sweeping and taking care of the mundane things around the house. that they fail at being selfless and sometimes they don’t make the best decisions. that they have to apologize to their kids and husbands, too. it’s refreshing and it’s encouraging. 

it’s easy to get photos of your kids by themselves or with your spouse and forget to get some with yourself and them!

this helps me remember to get behind the camera with Asher!

despite the look on his face, he was happy. i don’t force him into these situations. promise.


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