my sweet boy,

that’s what you are. so sweet. you are five months old and i’m just amazed at how much love i have for you. thinking back to the day that you were brings me so much joy and i just love remembering seeing your little face for the first time. within moments the nurse laid you on my chest. the world stopped and all i could do was hold you close. everything in my body wanted to calm you. being a mom is so instinctive like that. i would do anything to protect you.

people told me that the love i would have for you would be indescribable and they are right. often i can’t find the words to encompass how i feel about you. if i’m not having the best day, or am sad about something, i can pick you up, kiss your cheeks and feel immediately better. your smile and your laugh are just the best. i melt when you see me and smile.

this month you have done a lot of new things! first and foremost, you rolled over! we had the camera ready because you kept rolling enough to land on your side and you looked so close and finally, after you used your body weight to get yourself really going you went all the way! we cheered and had so much fun watching you do it again and again. i’m so glad we got to see you do it and more so that we got in on video. you also tried watermelon for the first time. we let you suck on what was left on the rind and you looooved it. you fussed when we took it away. i think you enjoyed the cold and the sweet flavor on your gums. you also had some bananas. at first you didn’t know what was going on. i’d slip some in your mouth on the spoon and you would just spit it out. i don’t think it was a taste thing, i just don’t think you knew what you were doing. the second day you did a lot better and ate much more. i think you’re going to really love food when we fully dive in. for now i think we’re gonna stick to nursing but it’ll be fun to see all the things you’ll eat.

you are still super active. if there’s a moment you are still i’m almost certain there has to be something wrong. you love to move your arms and legs and you’re very curious about the world around you. i really love that about you. you’ve started to reach for things that are in our hands, on the table, on the couch or just anywhere that you can grasp something. i’ve started having to push away my cups and plates because you grab and just pull them right off. you have quite the grip. you’re also basically sitting up on your own. i wouldn’t leave you on tile or anything, but some soft carpet? sure. you’ve already fallen over several times, but you have such a strong midsection i rarely worry that you’ll fall and hurt yourself. admittedly, i’ve banged your head on the wall. oops. Thankfully, you have a hard head.

this has been the month of the olympics! we love the olympics and haven’t really turned it off since it began. we even made you and Audrey little olympic wanna be onesie jerseys. i couldn’t believe how cute you both looked in them. i think we took a thousand pictures of ya’ll. we were those parents.

we also took you to auburn, alabama! you were a champ in the car. we stopped at providence canyon on the way and it was so pretty! that’s where daddy goes hiking in the fall with all the guys in Cru. he showed us the trail he takes and told me he carved all of our initials in the limestone on the side of one of the mountains last time he was there. pretty fun, huh?

another fun milestone this month is that you have two bottom teeth! yep, right smack in the middle. you are taking it well though. you’re hardly fussy over it which is great. you do put your finger in your mouth a lot and  i can only imagine it’s a pretty aggravating feeling. hopefully the pain (and the drool) goes away for you.

daddy and i love to call you tiny. fitting right? you’re noticing and playing with maggie a lot more now. you smile when she comes near you. i think you two will be buds soon enough. you’ve started this hold you breath squeal scream sort of thing and it’s pretty funny. sometimes i think you’re going to pass out from lack of oxygen but i guess you know what you’re doing. 

we just love how easy going and sweet you are. i love that you are all boy. you’re tough, you’re pretty wild, you’re full of energy and smiles and i couldn’t ask for a sweeter, squishier lovable tiny man. 

i love, love, love, love you times infinity. 

love, mama 


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