diy leggings

so as we all know by the borage of all things fall on facebook, pinterest, blogs, billboards, commercials you name it that the season has arrived as of this past saturday! we aren’t quite feeling the weather change just yet, although our mornings and evenings have been more bearable and a lot less humid. who knew that taking a full breath of air was so great?

one of my favorite things about fall is the outfit changes. we switch it up from tank tops and shorts to jeans, light jackets, leggings, long sleeve tunics and boots! i love the colors, the comfort and the ability to layer. one of my favorite go-to fall items are leggings. i love wearing them around the house and if i run an errand i throw on my boots, my jacket and long shirt to cover up the derriere. (something all women should consider doing when choosing leggings fyi)

i also love leggings on my baby. i am a lover of stripes just like everyone else right now. finding clothes for a boy is down right difficult. if you want something plain without “mommy’s little turtle” or some obnoxious cartoon animal you have to spend a little more (from what i’ve experienced anyway, but there have been exceptions of course.) my favorite stores are baby gap, zara and h&m. great prices, great sales and super hip. we like hip.

i have yet to find any boy-ish leggings so i decided to make my own! i bought a couple of pair for $4 at target (in the girl section, don’t tell Asher.) I grabbed some Martha Stewart paint from Michaels and some small paint brushes. I didn’t really have a design scheme in mind, I just really like the navajo print going on right now and so I googled some images and actually copied one that was on a pillow on some random website. It took about two hours to do both pair front and back with some drying time in between. 

so if you can’t find the leggings you really want, or can’t afford the designer ones just make your own! super easy and fun to make and it’s your own personal style. 


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