have you every sprained anything before? i sprained my ankle in middle school playing in a soccer game. i rolled it probably doing some fancy schmancy move and had to do the whole brace and crutches thing for weeks. spraining things is super inconvenient. yesterday i was at the gym doing a body combat class and rolled my ankle really badly doing some stupid jump move. i fell to the floor and immediately felt the shooting pain going through my foot all the way up to my hip. i think my adrenaline was going so much that the pain didn’t really settle in until a few minutes later but it sucked. you would think going through child birth and pushing out a 9 pounder would prepare you for anything but every pain is so different, and well, this pain was just crappy. constant throbbing and swelling. not being able to walk or move like you’d want. super inconvenient. 

our fall getaway with Cru is this weekend and since i’m basically crippled i’ll be skipping out. i’m sad that i’ll miss out but i know if i went i’d just be miserable. so my mom is coming to our rescue and staying the weekend to help me out with Asher. Mom’s are great for this sort of thing and i’m looking forward to some down time with her. 

i’ll probably catch up on DVR and watch all of our Thursday night comedies. Up all Night is quickly rising to the top of my favorite shows list. Maya Rudolph is one of my favorite actresses and just keeps us laughing through every episode. 

everyone have a good weekend and enjoy doing things with both of your feet. i’ll be on the couch if you need me. 


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