7 for 7.

I thought I’d record 7 things Asher is doing at 7 months! I can’t believe we are over the halfway hump of his first year of life. How can he already be so big? 

Asher you are…

1. tilting your head to the side when someone smiles at you. cutest thing in the world.

2. you stick your tongue out all the time

3. you’re saying mama and dada. not sure if you know what you’re doing but you’re saying it!

4. you are content playing with your toys on the floor all by yourself while i do things around the house.

5. you love to stand and climb. you’re all boy.

6. you love to eat! you want to do it all by yourself too. 

7. you give me kisses when i ask for them. 


this past month has definitely been the most fun. his little personality is coming through and i couldn’t be more in love with him. he’s sweet and a little wild. he’s gentle but also all boy. within seconds of patting my arm or giving me a kiss he’s grabbing my hair and trying to pull up using my neck. he is SO happy. very rarely is he fussing for no reason. he is laughing and smiling all day and loves to be with people. people are always complimenting on what a great baby he is and i couldn’t agree more. he’s my buddy, my sidekick. i’m constantly thanking the Lord for his sweet demeanor and calm personality (at least right now.) he’s a perfect fit for our family and we feel so lucky that he is ours. we love you Asher, more than you know. 


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