my sweet boy, 

I say this every month and practically everyday but I cannot believe how fast you are growing. how could I have possibly given birth to you 8 whole months ago? All I know is there isn’t one day that goes by that I am not overwhelmed with how much love and thankfulness I have for you. I am so grateful that the Lord gifted you to us. You fit perfectly into our family and we can’t imagine our lives without you. We laugh at you and with you constantly, we play with you, cuddle you and tickle you. You love to stand and walk, you are pulling up on tables, couches, people, maggie, anything stable really. you love to play with your toys, but you really love to play with us. you’re ok to play by yourself for a little bit but you quickly invite us to come down on the floor with you and join in. we are ok with that! you are happy as can be. you have a very go with the flow personality which i am super thankful for. you really like music too. i picked up some musical instruments and you really love the tambourine and the little egg shakers. you are FAST. i mean lightening fast. one minute you’re sitting and the next you’re in tripod stance and pulling up on something. long gone are the days where i leave you on the floor to do something in another room. i can’t trust you! you are such a love bug and i love kissing your chub cheeks and fat little neck. 

you have 3 teeth so far, 2 more are coming in and you are not a fan. i don’t blame you. i know it hurts you but despite that you’re still so cheerful. let’s be real though, you’re not all smiles all the time. you hate getting your diaper changed and getting a new outfit put on. i have to pull out all of my tricks to distract you so that you stop freaking out. you hate getting your face wiped, you aren’t patient when you eat and you don’t like shoes (dangit!)

your sweetness far outweighs your little bouts of sassiness. you are my little tiny man and i’m so thankful for you. 

love, mamma 



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