* you are CRAWLING. all over the place. there’s no stopping you.

* you are pulling up on everything, including but limited to the coffee table, doors, my pants, your jumpee, the couch.

* you are giving real kisses when we ask for them. open mouthed, but still, kisses nonetheless.

* you love watching maggie and you laugh at her a lot.

* you love smoothies and eating in general

* you think that whatever we are eating you should be able to eat also.

* you love walks outside.

* you like being out and about. if we can go for an errand it really helps you nap and calm down.

* you are sleeping through the night still.







asher, you are the light of our lives. we love you so much, buddy. 9 months with you seems like forever yet i feel as though i just met you for the first time. as each day passes i am more thankful for you. you’ve been out exploring the world as long as you were tucked safely inside of me. hard to believe. can’t wait to see what you learn next. i love you sweet boy. happy 9 months!


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