joy to the world

one of my favorite things about opening up the boxes of our christmas decorations is looking at our ornaments. there are stories and memories behind so many of them and i love that. i value history and i love that we have so many special ones and even more we get a chance every year to hang them up and enjoy them. this is just a few of the things we’ve put up around the living room this year. we are in the middle of baby proofing so we tried to keep breakables high up and to a minimum. we won’t be here for too much of December so i didn’t go too crazy. i tried to make it festive and warm and i think i accomplished that. i love this time of year! 


big boy drinking from a sippy cup!

  IMG_2256   IMG_2259

teething forces him to gnaw on pretty much anything, including the coffee table.



scott loves “woodland creatures” we have a whole family of animals on our tree 🙂 


my parents gave my sister and I matching Barbie ornaments each year from their holiday collection. I really love them.








Teddy the Bear. He comes with this cute red wagon and a little story. My sister and I each have one & got them as gifts from our Aunt 20 years ago. No clue we’ve had them that long but that’s what Mom says!

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