catch all post


here’s a little catch all post of what we’ve been up to these last couple of weeks. i just uploaded almost 800 photos onto my computer and i forced myself to choose just a few from each little cluster of events. 

last week we went to our fall planning retreat in Destin, just a couple hours west of us. it was a lot of fun, super relaxing and the house we rented was awesome. beach houses in the off season are almost laughably cheap. splitting between 12 people and the price being way down, it’s cheaper than a hotel and obviously tons more space! 


this is asher’s girlfriend, audrey. they really love each other. they get excited to be together, and Asher usually tries to attack her, so all of us try to play defense on behalf of sweet audrey. 


mmm, love that face.


totally into opening and closing doors these days. he thinks it’s so awesome.



opening his very first christmas present! 


i drew this little chalk drawing and made him sit in front of it. thankfully scott’s a total sport and helps me get his attention. 


Christmas lights at Dorothy B. Oven! So fun and Asher loved the lights. heck we loved the lights. 


i love my family


Asher and Audrey in the sleigh



seriously? so so cute.






in light of the tragedy in Connecticut on Friday, i feel even more grateful for Scott and Asher. I cannot imagine what the parents of the 20 children who were killed are experiencing right now. such a senseless and horrible act and i haven’t been able to fully function since seeing it pop up in my twitter feed. i followed the link and was completely undone. all i know is that God is sovereign. i myself do not know why he allows things like this to happen and i don’t think i ever will. i can only go to his word and trust in what it says about who he is. in the end, he wins the battle. all i can think is that satan knows he’s lost and will stop at nothing to kill, steal and destroy. jesus, comfort each parent, friend, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, neighbor, teacher, first responder, police officer, fireman. give them rest. provide peace that passes all understanding. may they feel your presence tangibly in such a desperately vulnerable and lost time in their lives. may they experience hope someway, somehow. carry them, love them and provide for their needs. 


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