you are now 10 months old. just two months shy of being one year old. when i think of it like that, tears well up in my eyes. how can you already be so close to 1? the best and worst part of being a parent is watching your baby grow. i want you to stay this age forever, but i also get so excited when you learn something new. it’s a catch 22 for sure. you are getting more and more active. i can hardly keep up with you sometimes. i love how adventurous you are. not much scares you, and that scares me haha. i’m not a risk taker, so maybe you’ll be enough of one for the both of us. you are hilarious. i find myself laughing at you a lot. you make the craziest faces and do the funniest things that make me laugh so hard my sides hurt. 

10 things about you right now:

you love your drumstick that came in your drum full of instruments. you like to bang anything and everything with it, including our heads. ouch.

you love to stand. you are so fast at pulling yourself up on things it’s absurd. i blink and you’re up.

you are not a slow mover in general. you are fast fast fast. 

you love to eat what your daddy and i are eating. you think we should all share everything. nice concept but can’t always happen.

you love to nurse. i think weaning will be challenging. 

you are make this crazy face where your eyes get really big, you wave your hands and make this noise. it’s hard to explain, but we love it. we try to do things that will cause you to do it. 

you still love being outside and taking walks. sometimes when we need you to calm down we strap you in and go for a jog or walk around the neighborhood. you sit still and you barely make a peep. 

you thrive on being out and about. you get stir crazy inside the house. me too, buddy, me too.

your eyes are staying blue, and your hair is staying blonde. 

you eat best when you’re planted in your high chair and hanging out. 

you love water. you like to drink it and play in it. you love baths too, of course. 

ok that’s 11 but you’re full of fun things. you are such a delight. even on my most tired of days, you give me life. energy, laughter and joy. i love you, buddy. you are such a gift and you are treasured. your daddy and i love you so much. Image

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