Making a change.

who reads this thing? ha! the couple of you that do, hey thanks! 

Scott and I are in quite a transitional place right now!  We are leaving Tallahassee after being here for nine years. We came here when we were just babies! When I think about the time we’ve spent in Tallahassee and then think of leaving it, tears well up in my eyes. The memories that Scott and I have made here are countless and invaluable. This will always be where Asher was born, where we lived when we started ministry, where we brought Asher home from the hospital, where we grew and where we struggled. This is our home. I feel settled here. When we come back from being out of town and we get on mahan from I-10 I feel rested and ready to be in my home. we love this city. we love the ministry of FSU Cru. Without it we may not be married, we may not be walking with the Lord and we may not be in ministry. so much of our growth as adults has happened in Tallahassee and it will forever be a place that we treasure and love. We are leaving pieces of ourselves scattered throughout this small cozy city. 

so what’s next? for the past 3 years we’ve entertained the idea of doing a STINT. doing ministry overseas has always been on our radar and is something that both of us feel called to. we tried a couple of different times to go to Salerno, Italy and for several reasons it never worked out. Fast forward to about 6 months ago, we got a call from some friends about their plans to stint in Paris. We thought “oh, how fun for you.” Then we thought “wait, what about us?” SO, in November we started conversations with our regional leadership about joining this stellar team of staff going to Paris. In December, during Christmas break we got a call saying we had the green light from both French and SE regional leadership to come to Paris on Stint starting this September! 

Is this real life?? The Lord couldn’t have made it more clear that this was what he had for us. The process it took for us to make this decision couldn’t have been made without him clearly answering our prayers and causing all of the pieces of the puzzle to come together so effortlessly. We couldn’t have manufactured it if we tried. He who calls you is faithful and HE WILL DO IT. 

i’d be lying if i said that there aren’t many days where the fear of moving overseas completely overwhelms and engulfs me. as a naturally anxious person, i can get caught up in the “what ifs” and completely lose sight of who the Lord is and what he’s called us to. there aren’t many instances in my walk with the Lord that I can remember him being very very clear over, but with this he was. Without the assurance of his faithfulness in our lives and the clarity both Scott and I have, this move would be so much harder and shakier for me. i know that until we leave, I will experience many days of uncertainty. Leaving family who love us and Asher so much, going to a city where I can’t speak the language (yet,) downsizing our lives, majorly, giving up the comforts and conveniences of my american way of life and leaving so many close friendships. these are a few of the “sacrifices” we are leaving behind. Honestly, this is a big reason why we are going. It’s really easy for us as “professional christians” to lose sight of Jesus. To live out our day to day life without him and just go into auto-pilot. Scott and I want nothing more than to experience him in new and deeper ways. I know that prayer will come with hardship but in a weird and twisted way we are ready for that. We are desperate for him to change us and make us more like him. We want Paris to be life altering. So, I am laying down at his feet and saying OK, take these things that I hold on so tightly to. Do with them what you will. I will trust you with my life, my sons life and my family. Jesus is so big enough to meet me in those terrified and scary moments. I am so thankful that he hears these cries, that he knows what I am experiencing and that he has been preparing the way and going before us even before we knew that we would be going to Paris. I am scared to go, I want to back pedal so often, but he gently reminds me that Paris is going to change me. It’s going to make me rely on him in ways I’ve never had to, make me look at him deeper, make me see that things here I thought I “needed” could never compare to all that he can provide me. 

A little background on Paris:

There are 13 Universities in the city limits of Paris with over 625,000 college and 0.5% of them claim any sort of faith, making them an actual unreached people group according to Joshua Project. UNREAL. So much hopelessness. We are going to Paris to be a light to the City of Lights. Europe in general is so dark and lost, and Paris is no exception. In a city of such luxury and indulgence that leads to death people are longing for authenticity and love. We are SO excited to bring the gospel to the college students in Paris.

So, right now we are raising support. We are 75% of the way there (THANK YOU LORD!) and are taking the whole summer to continue raising. We couldn’t feel more excited and confident to walk into this next phase in our lives. We will grieve leaving Tallahassee, but we can’t wait to lean on the Lord and rely on him for new experiences, new lifestyle and make him all we need!!

Any questions about this just ask! 


One thought on “Making a change.

  1. “Who reads this thing?” I do, I do! and it’s awesome. and your family is so so cute and sweet. this is such an exciting time in your lives! your boy is gonna have some serious swagger if he can pick up a little French accent while you’re there. it may never leave him!

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