the days are long.

summer time is officially in full swing! the sun doesn’t set until 8, the humidity has blanketed the neighborhood and the sun is hot hot hot. if we are outside, we are either exercising or setting up some sort of water play area for Asher. but we do love the long days. the long evenings allow us to squeeze in that last post dinner family walk and take a little longer to make dinner. plus summer yields the best vegetables and fruits. i can’t count how many strawberries we’ve had this week. too many to count! asher’s shirts are permanently stained red from either watermelon or berries. could be worse right? here’s a few snapshots from the last couple of weeks. we’ve traveled to jacksonville a couple of times which is why we’ve been to the beach so much! asher loves it and it’s such great entertainment for him. i on the other hand am completely paranoid i’ll forget to reapply sunscreen and toast my kid. so far, no burning! welcome summer! we’ve missed you!















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