summers end.

Life is feeling like a whirlwind in some ways these days. We are getting things ready for Paris, and I feel like my list is getting longer and longer. There comes a point where I just need to stop and realize that we can get things when we get there. I have this fear that I’m going to forget something really important or really want something that I didn’t realize I’d really want. We are planning on taking 4 suitcases. Stuffing those suckers full of whatever we can fit. I’m not really sure how we are going to manage pushing a stroller and pulling suitcases and keeping Asher content. In a way, I’m thankful it’ll be busy and semi-hectic to take my mind off the emotional side of things. I’ve said this before but I am going to miss my family a ton, and I know that day is going to be super tough. I know that the Lord has called us to go, and part of going requires sacrifice and I know that, but I’m scared of leaving family. I know I’ll be able to adapt once I’m there. I know life will get normal , we’ll get in the swing of things and have a new routine. Skype and facetime make the world so small and even texting will give us daily opportunity to communicate and I’m really glad for that.

Here’s a few pictures of what’s been happening lately!


Audrey and Asher really love each other and they play great! It was sad to say Bye to our friends!


little man knows how to use a “phone” he even just rests it on his shoulder. Usually he’s talking to audrey.


this is our “we made it through our visa appointment” reward!


taken in colorado while we played in the grass


heading to miami to get our french visas!

today is Scott’s birthday. what a joy it is to do life with you, babe. i wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else, and i’m so grateful for your willingness to take our family into any adventure the Lord asks of us. i know life will always be an adventure with you and i can’t wait to see what this next year holds for us. i love you, and happiest of birthdays my love.


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