gifts along the way.

one of the most incredible parts of this journey to Paris has been seeing little gifts the Lord has given me along the way. little things that let me know we are going in the right direction. things that remind me he’s answering my prayers. he’s acknowledging and empathizing with my fears.

for instance, driving around in colorado we somehow got lost behind a bunch of warehouses trying to get on the interstate and low and behold a HUGE eiffel tower is sitting on the side of the road. i mean HUGE. in colorado! behind a warehouse! the lord is so good.

i’ve met so many people who’ve just recently left Paris for vacation or business and are just so encouraging. giving us little helpful hints and telling us places we need to see. those are gifts to me.

i see Paris and eiffel tower things almost once a day. small reminders that where i’m going, he’s there already. 

someone on our support team gave us all the sky miles we needed to pay for our round trip tickets to Paris. He’s called us and he’s making a way for us to get there. makes me wonder what this year is going to hold for us. his glory is going to be known. 

he is so faithful when i am so faithless. he gives us good gifts even when we don’t deserve them. he takes what’s broken and mends it. he redeems what is ugly and messy. he is worth everything



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