seven days.

we are down to the final countdown! we leave for Paris a week from tomorrow. i seriously cannot believe it. sometimes when i think about it, i hyperventilate a little bit! it’s just such a huge change and one that i don’t think i can fully prepare for.

BUT, as of last night, we have raised 100% of our support! writing, saying, thinking that phrase is incredibly humbling, freeing and exciting. we’ve been full time raising financial support since January of this year, and to know that the Lord provided every single dollar that we needed is so amazing! we are so thankful. so in awe that he answered every prayer, fulfilled each promise, and remained faithful even when we were faithless at times. he is so good, friends! he’s a kind, caring and generous God who desires to lavish his gifts on us.

our journey to Paris thus far has been so good for my walk with the Lord. it has rekindled this belief in his word, in his truth, in his faithfulness to us, to everyone. knowing that he invited us to do something, gave us an opportunity, and fully led us into it by providing not only financially but with an incredible team, friends who we love and care deeply for, a family that supports us, and even supplied an apartment in Paris for us to stay in temporarily while we find our permanent one! so many unknowns are being made known in the best and most timely ways and no one but Jesus could do this for us.

friends, as we prepare to leave, would you take time to pray for us? pray that we’d have a smooth transition! pray that Asher would fly well on the transatlantic flight, especially. that he would SLEEP! pray that the Lord would be very near to me as I say goodbye to my family (something that leaves a pit in my stomach when i think about it), for all of the details of luggage, getting transportation, getting to our temp housing, etc. Pray for Scott as he leads Asher and I overseas. Pray that he would trust in the Lord and not his own strength. Pray that we would be slow to anger and slow to speak. that we’d be patient and kind toward one another as we travel (little sleep + potential travel hiccups = frustration!)

we know that God has brought us this far and he’s already working ahead of us! we have full confidence that he will give us a smooth travel day(s)!

we can’t wait to bring you along with us as we trust the Lord and join him in what he’s doing in Paris!

2 thoughts on “seven days.

  1. Katie, we are SO excited for your sweet family and to see what the Lord is going to do through you. I am really inspired by your obedience and know that He is going to honor that and work in such amazing ways (as obviously he already has!) Matt and I will be praying for all of the things you have mentioned. Keep us posted through the blog!! 🙂

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