Abraham, Isaac and five days until takeoff.

if you want to know how packing for a year is going, well it’s tough! how does one limit their clothes, toiletries, PURSES and SHOES? let me tell you, it’s not an easy task. i want to take everything, but alas, we cannot drag 10 suitcases through the airport, nor will our small apartment house all of our stuff. i keep telling myself that when we get back, all of the clothes that i left here will feel new!

we’ve been packing slowly for the past few days and that has definitely helped us keep track of what we still need so that we aren’t scrambling at the last minute to gather odds and ends that are easier to forget.

on tuesday me and two other girls on my team took a day with the lord. it was so good for me to sit quietly alone and read scripture, journal, pray through truths and worship! i started out my time by asking the Lord what he wanted to teach me. often times i go to his word and just read without really asking if he wants to show me anything specific. immediately the story of Abraham and Isaac came to my mind. I went to Genesis and started reading and taking notes through each verse. even though i’ve read that story so many times, it felt new and fresh to me. the main thing i’ve struggled with in going to Paris is leaving family. i love my family and i love being with them. it’s a sacrifice to leave them. as i was reading through this story of abraham and isaac i couldn’t help but feel amazed by Abrahams complete trust in the Lord. God commanded him to sacrifice “his only son, the one whom he loved.” Not once in the passage did Abraham object. He didn’t even ask why. I read these words and instantly related it back to the struggle in my own heart of leaving family. God is telling us to go. My why’s and how’s are heard and important to him, but i don’t need to know the answers in order to obey. i am to obey, and that’s it. it doesn’t negate my worries or fears, but instead, i should be focusing on him. Abraham never tarried. He could’ve easily created distractions, told Isaac to go and hide, or even outright disobey. He walked up the mountain, created an altar just as the Lord said, and bound Isaac up. He raised the knife to kill him and an angel stopped him. In turn, because Abraham obeyed and the Lord saw his faithfulness, God blessed the nations through his obedience. Amazing!

The Lord is really good to gently bring us into submission. He knows what’s best for us and loves us so much. i know that leaving family is going to be really hard but I also am looking forward to reaping the benefits of obedience. if you’re wrestling with surrender, read this passage! it was so encouraging to me.

5 days left!


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