first ice cream cone.

do you remember your very first ice cream cone? i know my parents have pictures of me eating mine, but i definitely don’t have memory of it. last night we were eating dinner at chik fil a because are great friend, Megan (who now lives in Istanbul!) gave us her extra meal coups (thanks, megs!) and i ended up getting a kids meal. we all know the secret of kids meals at chik, that if you trade in your toy you get that little kiddie ice cream cone. since i had no use for a blue plastic cow watch, i traded it in and got a cone. i got one look from asher and i knew there would be no hoarding it for myself. i gave in and let him have a lick and that was that. he took it like he knew exactly what to do with it and i never got it back. he ate the whole thing, cone and all! this was definitely a special treat, and it was super fun to watch him enjoy it as much as he did.








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