Bonjour from Paris!

Nous avons été à Paris pendant une semaine maintenant et se sentir comme nous ne faisons que remettre du décalage horaire! La ville est magnifique et le temps est frais. Nous pouvons voir la Tour Eiffel à partir de notre appartement et la nuit elle brille!

So I said, we have been in Paris for one week now and feel like we are just getting over jet lag! The city is beautiful and the weather is cool. We can see the Eiffel Tower from our apartment and at night it sparkles!

Transitioning here has had its ups and downs. I don’t think we were anticipating the effect that jet lag would have on us both physically and emotionally. Asher took his first nap just yesterday. Six days with no nap is a record. Luckily, he was still super happy and flexible, thank goodness. I probably would’ve had a mental breakdown had he been difficult.

To give you an idea of where we are; we are temporarily staying in a one bedroom apartment in the twelfth arrondissement. (not that that means much to anyone, it barely means anything to me) We have two ceiling to floor windows in our living room giving us a view of the city and great air flow and light. Probably my favorite thing about Parisian apartments is the amount of natural light that comes through. We have a small little kitchen, living room and bathroom. We are on the 9th floor and thankfully the building has an elevator.

We’ve been walking quite a bit around our neighborhood which is what we are told most Parisians do. They kind of live out of their neighborhood and do life where they live. On Saturday we went to a huge open air market and bought some fruit and veggies and some Brie of course 😉 We’ve had teammates over for dinner and sat on our balcony and watched le tour eiffel sparkle!

Parts of this week have been so much more challenging than I ever thought possible, however, it’s getting easier as each day passes. The Lord has been really sweet to give Scott and I a deep love and patience for each other. I’ve seen him take steps of faith this week, lead our family well with patience and kindness and great sensitivity. I’ve seen him care for me in ways that I’ve never seen before (mostly because he’s never had to) and it’s been a gift to me.

honestly, i am pretty weary and tired. i am anxious and scared at times. i’m restless and haven’t slept well and i often have a headache (probably from all of the thinking and translating!) if you could pray for us we would really appreciate it. could you pray that we would all sleep well? pray that Asher doesn’t fight his naps and that he sleeps through the night. Also, pray for our apartment search. We would like to move into a permanent apartment as soon as possible but the process of finding and renting one can be challenging but we want to trust the Lord with this!

Thanks for walking through this journey with us. Can’t wait to share more!     





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