Since being in Paris five girls have come to faith in Christ. Amazing isn’t it? In a very spiritually dry and weary city, there are people who are thinking about spiritual things, asking questions about life and death and eternity and their questions are finally being answered. The Lord is faithful to reveal himself to his children. He doesn’t need me or anyone else on my team, but he wants to use us. He wants us to see more of his glory, more of his face, and to feel his tangible love for us and for those who are on the cusp of knowing him. It’s a privilege to take this news and share it. To be a part of caring for people. To see them take the first steps into this life of faith. Jesus is so good and purposeful in allowing us to be a part of each salvation. These are faces we won’t forget. Stories we can’t erase. Someone going from death to life is etched in our memory until we meet our maker face to face and walk into eternity and see those who have gone before us and those who will come after us. May my heart forever be bent toward this vision.



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