today we got a phone call from an agent telling us that we were able to rent the apartment that we really wanted! i am still in disbelief that we got this particular apartment! it really has everything we need/want and i am so very grateful that the Lord answered our prayers in this way.

it’s so fun to see God answer specific prayers. we asked for so many apartments but he knew that this one would be best for us. he knew that we’d thrive here and i can’t wait to transition into it! the only downside is that we have to wait until november 1 to move in, but it’s totally worth it! (i may not have the same opinion on a rainy day where i’ve been stuck indoors though!)

being in Paris has caused our prayer life to dramatically increase and has even shown us that we need to rely on the Lord the same way we did for the apartment in every other area of our lives. to be totally reliant on his sovereignty and faithfulness even when we are doubtful or want to take control of the situation.

thank you for praying for us and for believing God on our behalf. we are really grateful and can feel those prayers!


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