apple orchard.

we visited an apple orchard just outside of Paris a few days ago as a team and it was so much fun. i didn’t even know this should’ve been on my bucket list but it’s been added and crossed off. not only can you pick the most delicious, sweet flavorful apples, you can pick tons of veggies too. a win all around. asher had a blast running around and picking up apples and eating however many he could get his muddy little hands on. scott and i lost count after about an hour. he had a hay day though and i loved seeing him so excited. “APPLE, APPLE!” was exclaimed all day.

it was perfect cold crisp weather and we finished up the day with soup and cider. perfect little fall day! here are some photos to prove it!




cute little bear.

cute little bear.















seriously these veggies have the most intense fresh flavor. naturally a good potato leek soup is on the docket. apple orchard for the win!


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