12 and 13.

gosh, if i could bottle up time i’d be a millionaire and also a happy momma. i hate that these days seem so fast! asher is so little for such a short time and it KILLS me. i love love love this stage that he’s in. he is cracking us up day and night and i just love him for his hilarious personality. he’s a wild man through and through. pounding his fist on the table, moving the coffee table just to move it, bursting through doors and just being crazy. often scott and i just call him our crazy man. it’s the most accurate thing we can come up with honestly. 

we’ve been in and out of tallahassee these last few weeks with support trips here and there. luckily asher is an easy traveler and pretty flexible with his schedule. poor guy got all of his molars in last week while we were in Birmingham and it was THE WORST WEEK OF OUR LIVES. complete misery is how i would describe our days. no sleep, only eating applesauce, sores in and out of his mouth, constant crying, no consoling. a real party let me tell you. no orajel or tylenol could tame the beast. i wouldn’t wish a teething child on my worst enemy. thank goodness he’s past it and back to his normal self. it’s pretty sad to see your baby so miserable and especially to see his little personality fade into the background while he’s so pitiful. makes me thankful that he’s healthy! 

some fun things he’s doing:

yelling “blahhhh” and sticking his tongue out at us

tries to “scare” us

loves YOGURT- can’t get it in his mouth fast enough. thanks blueberry chobani, you’ve created a monster.

loves loves maggie. calls her name all day in a very high pitched sweet tone. 

loves his friend audrey. they fight like brother and sister but it’s pretty hilarious.

super curious and observant.

loves to play with anything that he isn’t supposed to.

loves to drink from out water bottles. 

loves to brush his teeth.

hates books. perfect.

not a fan of shoes.

loves sand.

dances and put his arm out and says “yeah yeah yeah” – freakin adorable.

keepin those baby blue eyes. 

likes to yell at random

….lots more!

he’s an awesome kid! i can’t stop kissing him all day and i’m constantly amazed at how much i love him and how amazing he is. i am so thankful he’s mine!



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